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Portrait of My friend Maryam

This is a Portrait of my dear friend Maryam Ghorbani

Maryam Ghorbani.jpg


Portrait Step by Step

Andrew’s profile photo painted step by step. I took photos step by step for demo on my portrait painting website. I love his facial expression, and half collar!

Step By Step 2x2.png

Portrait of Bob McCridell, Senior Leader of Toronto Hiking and Conservation Club

Portrait of Bob McCridell, Senior leader of Toronto Hiking and Conservation club. This portrait will be a gift to Bob this Christmas to honor his several decades of excellent leadership and contribution to the Hiking and Conservation Community. Since we could not find a close up photo, I made the large size portrait ( 18″x24″) from a small group photo that you can see posted below this image. If anyone needs a portrait done to make their beloved seniors or other loved ones happy this holiday season, please let me know! I can craft it to meet your specific requirement.

Bob Finished Portrait.jpgOriginal photo of bob cropped.jpg


In Memory of an angel named Peggy Sheffield

IMG_20170823_124155Painting of Peggy Shefielld by me. Very sadly she recently passed away. Peggy and her husband Don have been close friends with Andrew and his family since his childhood. She had been kind as a mother to Andrew. Peggy is known for her kindess, positive attitude and love for all people and nature. She has been a loving teacher, wife, mother and grandmother.