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Starting November with New Paintings!






Animated “Reaching Out”

Please check out  the link below to see the animation I made from

The painting “Reaching Out” that I posted on October 22

I also added my voice over of the poem I wrote ” Branches of Hope” to it.

Here is the link on Vimeo. I will improve this work and keep you posted!

Thumbs Up!

When I just finished this painting, I looked up and saw a guy with bike helmet gave me a thumbs up! for the painting, I wanted to see which painting he prefers, so I quickly went out and asked. This nice guy, Cian Millar, apparently parks his bike everyday behind the window of my studio space, and has been witnessing my progress everyday! I gave him the address of this blog and suggested that we become facebook friends, as I can not let go someone who have witnessed my artistic progress!. I hope he is reading this now, because I could not find him on Facebook, there were others with same name mostly from Ireland, but not him, so Cian Millar, if you read this, please 1- add me to facebook, 2- help me find a name/title for this painting, Thank you! I would appreciate if you continue to witness my progress and give me your opinion!