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Inside the Heart!

In this last month (April 2017)  I was intensely involved with my partner Andrew’s heart surgery for heart valve repair, I spent a lot of days and nights (and partly lived) in the Toronto General Hospital Cardio Vascular ICU, and Cardio Vascular section, as well as St. John Rehab hospital. I followed his conditions closely and did my own research and studies by learning more about the heart, the functions of its different valves, and electro-physiology of the heart, that I have become to some extent an expert too! too much focus on this subject and mental and emotional intensity of this experience can not be explained by words alone, therefore I poured all these in this abstract painting reflecting on the inside of the heart, my experience in the month of April and our love.

In the back of this canvas I wrote for him a poem by Hafiz  My love Andrew, “My heart and your heart are very very old friends”- Love you forever


Abstraction heart valves