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Andrew’s Eyes

And I finally found that special someone. This image that is taken from his childhood memories album shows him with those deeply understanding and emphatic eyes at age 11 watching the artworks through an open gallery window. Part of the text below in the newspaper cut reads :” By young Andrew’s eyes, one can almost tell he has an early liking for art”.

click here for a bigger size to read the newspaper text Young- Andrewandrew3


Kind notes of support in my Exhibition!

I was reviewing the notes and comments that I received during my Solo Show in Gallery 1313, in January about my paintings and animation that raised awareness for Autism Spectrum Conditions. I am deeply touched by so many kind words of encouragement and support. here are just a few of them…I have to thank everybody for all their kindness and support and above all thank Phil Anderson the director of Gallery 1313 for the opportunity and also for including me as a gallery board member. It feels great to contribute to give back to such a wonderful non-profit artist run center and the arts community in general.