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Showing two paintings in Fall Group Exhibition

In front of my two paintings in Fall Emerging Artist Exhibition in Gallery 1313, with another artist member of gallery 1313, Jo Anne Malkawa who currently has a show in Cell gallery



Thumbs Up!

When I just finished this painting, I looked up and saw a guy with bike helmet gave me a thumbs up! for the painting, I wanted to see which painting he prefers, so I quickly went out and asked. This nice guy, Cian Millar, apparently parks his bike everyday behind the window of my studio space, and has been witnessing my progress everyday! I gave him the address of this blog and suggested that we become facebook friends, as I can not let go someone who have witnessed my artistic progress!. I hope he is reading this now, because I could not find him on Facebook, there were others with same name mostly from Ireland, but not him, so Cian Millar, if you read this, please 1- add me to facebook, 2- help me find a name/title for this painting, Thank you! I would appreciate if you continue to witness my progress and give me your opinion!


Windows of Possibilities in Autism II

This painting is another response in the style of it’s sister painting in my previous post.

I think there will be a series of them, (or they will have many sisters and brothers !! )

OK, I do really see my paintings as my children…

Windows of Possibilities in Autism II