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Art workshop Instructor in STOP Community Food Center

Today I was a workshop instructor and facilitator in STOP community food center for the Healthy Beginnings program for Pregnant woman and new mothers. I was really impressed with the vibrant and beautiful works these talented woman created. Thanks to dedicated STOP staff and my dear friend Maryam for her help and support and beautiful pictures.

Every Child


art 2

art workshop1











Windows of Possibilities in Autism II

This painting is another response in the style of it’s sister painting in my previous post.

I think there will be a series of them, (or they will have many sisters and brothers !! )

OK, I do really see my paintings as my children…

Windows of Possibilities in Autism II

Windows of Possibilities in Autism

My new painting towards my research about autism where I see infinite windows of possibilities

I am inspired by the 3D Installation pieces of Christian Eckart with glass and metal frames, specially the one in

St. Michael Hospital in Toronto.

painting related to autism

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