Work in Progress in my Advanced Studio Space

In mid September I published a post titled ” New Beginnings” with a picture of my newly assigned advanced studio space in OCAD which showed empty walls and easel. Here is a look at the space in two weeks. The studio space is located at 205 Richmond St. Toronto, (Corner of 205 Richmond and Duncan St.)

My advanced studio space

The sign between the paintings reads ” Raising Awareness for Autism Spectrum Condition” which will be my focus for this term. I am working on other subjects as well.  I am now making experimental paintings with the theme of colourful puzzle pieces which is the  symbol of Autism Spectrum Condition. However, they need much feedback, critique and reviews by my teachers. So a long journey is ahead…

Participating in JR’s “Inside Out” Project

I got my photo taken in the Toronto City Hall Photo Booth for participation in JR’s Inside Out Installation project in tonight’s Nuit Blanche event in Toronto, here is the photo which was emailed to me.

I have to mention that I met JR Friday afternoon when I went to check out the installation before the event, which was a nice surprise!

JR-Inside out project

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