Globe and Mail Article about City of Art Exhibition

Check this Globe and Mail Article about “City of Art” show in Gallery 1313 in Toronto. I have one piece installed in this exhibition along with amazing works of 30 other artists.



Feedbacks Received for my Art about Inuit Community of Arctic and Global Warming

Here are a few feedbacks I received about this pieOn the Same Boat-24x18ce” On the Same Boat”(click on image to see bigger) as listed below:

1- “Mahshid “On the Same Boat” is a perfect example of the context, spirit and energy I referred to. The inclusion of seascape, created by reflection on water and the minimal presence of humans, moves this work far beyond your previous works. Keep exploring.-David General Aboriginal Advisor and Mentor in OCAD University

2-“This is absolutely the epitome of bitter sweet beauty Mahshid Fathi. Brings tears of both joy for what the colours of the coats represent as well as how you captured the colours of winter, making me realize why it is my favorite time of year- peaceful lavender and soft hues of blue… mixed with the tears of sorrow for lives lost with Mother Earth being too warm. My hopes are in closing culprits of pollution and growing green initiatives to re-balancing…harmonizing temperatures. The animals returning to their once mass populations, more nations truly uniting in shared heart and the peace of lavender, blues and rainbow crystal hues participating in the magic forevermore.” -Wendy (Shellard) Benna,Visionary/CEO for THRIVE-The Horses Road Into Valiant Existence RNPS

3- “This really is a most beautiful rendering of the arctic. Not many non-aboriginals connect so intensely with the land and sea as spirit, a living breathing thing! Thank you for the honesty and heart you have instilled in this work.”-Sheryl Wright, Writer at Florida Academic Press,  Pilot, Engineer

Please see the link below for Artist Statement 

On the Same Boat

On the Same Boat-24x18

Making a Cartoon Character from My Childhood Photo!

I needed to create a cartoon character to start working on some new ideas and kick off drafts of some educational animations. It occurred to me to create a cartoon character of my own childhood image and animate it as the story character! here you see the after cartooning and original photo before photoshop of me as a kid taken from a family photo! the other kidos in the original image are my older sister and baby cousin! I might change the dress colour to something else later to move away from the stereotyped pink for girls….

My Cartoon Puppet

Me, Shideh and Maryam3-1

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