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Soul touching writing of Sonia about my Teaching

I have been having the pleasure of sharing my painting and drawing knowledge with Sonia. We go to Daniels Spectrum Community Center to talk about art and make paintings. Sonia also has helped me to be a better teacher.

to view the letter Click the link below:

Letter Masha

I have to add, it has been a pleasure to work with Sonia Arana, she is very talented, passionate and inspiring.

Sonia is the Volunteer Coordinator in STOP where I had been volunteering.


Art workshop Instructor in STOP Community Food Center

Today I was a workshop instructor and facilitator in STOP community food center for the Healthy Beginnings program for Pregnant woman and new mothers. I was really impressed with the vibrant and beautiful works these talented woman created. Thanks to dedicated STOP staff and my dear friend Maryam for her help and support and beautiful pictures.

Every Child


art 2

art workshop1










Inside the Heart!

In this last month (April 2017)  I was intensely involved with my partner Andrew’s heart surgery for heart valve repair, I spent a lot of days and nights (and partly lived) in the Toronto General Hospital Cardio Vascular ICU, and Cardio Vascular section, as well as St. John Rehab hospital. I followed his conditions closely and did my own research and studies by learning more about the heart, the functions of its different valves, and electro-physiology of the heart, that I have become to some extent an expert too! too much focus on this subject and mental and emotional intensity of this experience can not be explained by words alone, therefore I poured all these in this abstract painting reflecting on the inside of the heart, my experience in the month of April and our love.

In the back of this canvas I wrote for him a poem by Hafiz  My love Andrew, “My heart and your heart are very very old friends”- Love you forever


Abstraction heart valves