Portrait of Andrew’s Mom

Andrew’s beautiful mom in her early 20s. God bless her soul. I did this color painting from a very small black and white photo ( 3cmx4cm) in her university diploma.

andrew's mom


The Navy Suitcase!

This is my new painting ” The Navy Suitcase”. The suitcase belonged to Andrew’s mother. She carried this when landing for the first time as an immigrant to Canada from Poland. Inside the suitcase is old family photos and albums. The antique items are all treasures crafted in Poland belonging to Andrew’s ancestors.

my new painting




In Memory of an angel named Peggy Sheffield

IMG_20170823_124155Painting of Peggy Shefielld by me. Very sadly she recently passed away. Peggy and her husband Don have been close friends with Andrew and his family since his childhood. She had been kind as a mother to Andrew. Peggy is known for her kindess, positive attitude and love for all people and nature. She has been a loving teacher, wife, mother and grandmother.