Dear Theo…

Here is me in the advanced studio after 2 months!

Dear Theo!


Animated “Reaching Out”

Please check out  the link below to see the animation I made from

The painting “Reaching Out” that I posted on October 22

I also added my voice over of the poem I wrote ” Branches of Hope” to it.

Here is the link on Vimeo. I will improve this work and keep you posted!

Thumbs Up!

When I just finished this painting, I looked up and saw a guy with bike helmet gave me a thumbs up! for the painting, I wanted to see which painting he prefers, so I quickly went out and asked. This nice guy, Cian Millar, apparently parks his bike everyday behind the window of my studio space, and has been witnessing my progress everyday! I gave him the address of this blog and suggested that we become facebook friends, as I can not let go someone who have witnessed my artistic progress!. I hope he is reading this now, because I could not find him on Facebook, there were others with same name mostly from Ireland, but not him, so Cian Millar, if you read this, please 1- add me to facebook, 2- help me find a name/title for this painting, Thank you! I would appreciate if you continue to witness my progress and give me your opinion!


Poem for ” Branches of Hope”

I wrote this long prose poem in response to my painting “Branches of Hope”:

Branches of Hope

 Potentiation of the synaptic pathways for perception,

Transition of oceans of information chains in the trains of the brain

Communication of information for fusion of new visions,

In hope of finding a road made of tied ropes that will follow,

Leading to windows that open to new wiser wired ways,

These may seem to some weird,

But might lead to connections to new dimensions,

For communication of consciousness,

Creating correlations between the brains,

Electrons bearing the news through neurons,

Creating circuits or crisscrossing ways and circles,

Carrying new fantastic plastic patterns,

Perhaps these patterns can inspire paintings with important points,

With flying parrots and some pretty damn good poetries that

Seem to be sync with the synaptic firings and

The links drawn by the flowing liquid ink,

Most likely these will bring the tranquil lakes to our being.